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5 Tips to Finish the Semester Strong

Finally, after months of class time, homework, and studying – the semester is nearly over! The period between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is a pivotal point in your academic career. Ending the semester on a high note will give you the confidence you need to fulfill your educational goals in the following semester and beyond. There are still numerous things you can do to end the semester on a positive note. Here are 5 tips to help you finish the semester strong. 

1. Get Organized

Many students push getting organized to the side. However, if there was ever a time to get organized, it is now! Invest in a detailed planner to help you keep track of all your assignments, projects, and exams, throughout the school year. You can try a tangible planner, like the Passion Planner, Bulletproof Planner, and 360 Thinking Academic Planner. Use different colors for different categories, such as school versus sports or academics versus enrichment.  Highlight or put stickers next to the important tasks to make them stand out. Or you can try an online resource like Kidgy, Todist, DayViewer, and MyHomework. Make a study plan, breaking down specific study tasks to complete each day leading up to your exams.  For example, if you have a test on Friday, then you can review past quizzes on Monday, highlight key ideas in your notes on Tuesday, make flashcards on Wednesday, and take practice exams on Thursday. Getting organized is a great first step to success.

  2. Don’t Procrastinate

We all tend to put off doing what we believe will be unpleasant or challenging. Students are no exception. When confronted with a paper, upcoming exam, or even a brief review for a quiz, many students’ instinct is to put off the work for as long as possible. However, this is not a good or, in certain situations, even a rational strategy. If you continue to put off work when there is a hard deadline (which is almost always the case), you risk missing the deadline completely! With teachers often being unable to grant extensions except in highly unusual circumstances, you may be setting yourself up for failure. You could be underestimating the difficulty of the assignment if you procrastinate. It’s difficult to predict how much time it will take to complete the task from the start. If you delay for too long, you may not have enough time to do all the duties or do them correctly.  It would be best to immediately begin preparing for the task upon receipt to avoid making this mistake. If the task is complex, you may choose to break it down into smaller, more manageable projects with specified deadlines. Sticking with this strategy will allow you to complete assignments more quickly and ensure that you are satisfied with your efforts.

3. Ask for Help

Make no apprehensions about approaching someone for assistance. Your teachers are there to help you learn!  Be confident in visiting them and asking for guidance on how to finish the year strong in their class. If you’re having difficulty comprehending an assignment or studying for a test, you can ask your teacher for clarification or assistance. You also still have time to find a tutor if you don’t feel comfortable approaching your professor. Educate. Radiate. Elevate. is a nonprofit organization that offers tutoring for low-income students of color and is an excellent solution to assist you with your academic difficulties. Nominate yourself today!

4. Get Enough Sleep

Get more rest! I cannot emphasize this more! According to Mayo Clinic, adults require approximately 7 hours of sleep per night. Students, on the other hand, need 8 to 10 hours of sleep. We’ve all missed out on sleep on occasion, but consistently denying your body the rest it requires has long-term implications.  Sleep deprivation can impede mental performance, which is the last thing you want when you have important exams coming up.  Sleep is a critical restorative activity that your body needs to efficiently organize the day’s events, repair and renew cells, and replace the energy you expended during the day. Getting adequate sleep is more than just a good idea; it can boost your academic performance and productivity.

5. Don’t Give Up!

         Albert Einstein once stated, “Life is like riding a bicycle. You must keep moving to maintain your balance.” Instant success is a fallacy, and if you give up now, you’ll never know what you may have accomplished. When the work piles up and the study sessions become tough – you know it will all be worth it in the end. You’ve worked extremely hard to reach this point – so don’t give up now! Posting motivational slogans around your room will help you stay motivated. “Your only limit is you,” “Expect the best and you’ll get it,” and “Sweat now, smile tomorrow” are some inspiring motivational quotations that can keep you motivated throughout the day. If you didn’t find these quotations motivating to find others, Slogan Hub has several that you’d appreciate. You can also offer yourself little rewards for modest accomplishments, such as taking a 15-minute break as a reward for studying for one hour without interruptions. Finish strong! Winter Break will be here before you know it!


Even though the end of a semester can be challenging, you don’t have to go through it alone. The mission of E.R.E., a non-profit tutoring organization, is to provide academic and emotional assistance to low-income elementary and secondary school students. Every effort will be made by the staff at E.R.E. to help ensure that students finish their semester successfully. E.R.E. assists student achievement by the provision of tutors, wifi access, and other resources. We are devoted to helping students through challenging end-of-term periods too. The majority of our funds are raised through donations from individuals like you! Your contribution will provide an opportunity for less advantaged students to succeed in school. Thank you for your generosity! End the semester strong academically and morally by donating today!

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