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Now is the Time to Reimagine the Educational System

Now is the time to reimagine the educational system! When the pandemic hit the US, things changed overnight. For the first few months, we were just making due. But now we are past the time of uncertainty. Now, more than ever, ensuring student engagement in remote or hybrid/blended formats is critical to keep students on

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Tips for Aspiring College Students

Students have a lot to consider when preparing for, applying to, and enrolling in college. These tips for aspiring college students are based on my personal experience as well as what has been effective for WorldWise Tutoring’s students over the past decade. Tip #1: Learn about finances before you start college  Unfortunately, many high school

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How to Make the Most of Your Child’s Virtual Learning Experience

Schooling in the age of COVID-19 looks a bit different from past years, and some children are still struggling to adapt to the remote learning experience while others are thriving. However, there are some things parents can do to make the most of the virtual learning experience, like keeping their children on a routine and

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Raising Confident & Independent Lifelong Learners

What Are Our Goals for Our Children? With our children at home during the pandemic shutdowns, it has become clearer than ever that they are lacking in some essential learning and life skills. It is critical that we help our children become confident and independent lifelong learners so that they can grow into competent and

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Me-Time & Socialization During Shelter in Place

Finding opportunities for me-time and socialization during a global pandemic is tough. Getting enough me-time and socialization during Shelter in Place mandates may seem impossible. But there are solutions! It is vital that you and your family continue to socialize, especially during these difficult times. For socialization, you can enroll your child in live online

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Motivating Kids While Schooling at Home

Motivating kids while schooling at home doesn’t have to be such a struggle. I suggest starting by finding an outlet your children enjoy, such as music, crafts, or one-on-one time with you. Use these to supplement their traditional learning. For age-appropriate hobby ideas, check out this article by First Cry Parenting or this one by Mom Junction. You

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Schooling at Home: How to Teach Kids of Different Ages/Abilities

When schools were closed, parents become responsible for managing their children’s schooling at home. This challenge was amplified for parents with multiple children of different ages and abilities. Parents struggled to keep one child engaged while assisting another, with the motivation of their more strong-willed kids, and with staying on top of the accommodations for

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How to Organize Time & Space During Remote Learning

In the spring, many parents found it challenging to organize their time and space during remote learning. Routine was completely altered and everyone was home trying to work. My best advice for organizing your time during remote learning is to keep to a rhythm every day and every week that most closely aligns with your

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5 of the Most Effective Strategies to Improve Executive Functioning

Lindsey Wander, Founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring, says: “I have been in the education field for over 15 years, working with students of all ages and abilities. Over and over as an educator, I have discovered that the limiting factor was not students’ capacity to learn, but their ability to monitor, identify, and break

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COVID Crisis Schooling at Home – Overview

Let me preface this by saying I am passionate about education. I love being a teacher and I truly LOVE my students. I take my job as an educator very seriously. Right now, the worry about my students’ ability to still learn from a distance keeps me up at night. The entire country is in

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