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Educate. Radiate. Elevate.’s application for federal tax exempt status is currently pending and awaiting IRS approval. If approved, the organization’s 501(c)(3) status and recognition will be effective, and all donations will be tax deductible, retroactively to the date of the organization’s legal formation (11/16/20)

11/16/20: Incorporated in Illinois as a Not-For-Profit C-Corp

11/17/20: Assigned EIN

11/28/20: First Board of Directors meeting to approve Bylaws, Conflict or Interest Policy, and Confidentiality Policy

11/28/20: Filled CO-1 and CO-2 with Illinois Attorney General

11/30/20: Filled 1023-EZ in Illinois for 501(c)3 status with IRS

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Tutoring Supplies

$ 25
  • Software and Hardware

TWO Tutoring Sessions

$ 120
  • (or $10/month for 1 year)
  • Two 1.5-hour Online Tutoring Sessions

One MONTH of Tutoring

$ 240
  • (or $20/month for 1 year)
  • Four 1.5-hour Online Tutoring Sessions

One SEMESTER of Tutoring

$ 750
  • (or $62.50/month for 1 year)
  • Twelve 1.5-hour Online Tutoring Sessions

Our Donors

Below is a list of our gracious donors. If you would like information about how to donate to “Educate. Radiate. Elevate.,” please complete this Donor Interest Form

  • Lindsey Wander
  • Ramsey Merritt
  • Eric Liu
  • Laura Reynolds
  • Justin Breen
  • Brook Magrey
  • Griselda Coronado
  • Danielle DeBenedetto
  • Moira Foeher
  • Megan Foeher
  • Jaclyn Wander
  • Mandy Reed
  • Billy Griffin
  • SMomii Roberts
  • Amanda Goodwin
  • Sarah Barlow
  • Bjorn Subia
  • Bobby Merritt
  • Margaret Andrews
  • Melissa Leet
  • Margie Osenberg
  • Terri Daniel
  • Michelle Boehm
  • Holly McCain
  • Raniel Iniguez
  • Creative Marketing Partners
  • Tricia Dunn 
  • Candy Kloster
  • Donna Beaumonte
  • Matt & Ebony Omelegah

Our Partners

Below is a list of our proud partners. If you would like information about how to donate to Educate. Radiate. Elevate., please complete this Partner Interest Form

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