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Empower students to succeed in school and beyond.

Our Focus

In our work with our students, we focus on having an impact on three domains:

  • Academic Gains

    • Increased grades and/or scores
    • Engagement and motivation in school
    • Schoolwork completion and understanding

  • Social-Emotional Gains

    • Confidence and Pride
    • Self-efficacy and Independence
    • Advocacy and Leadership

  • Soft Skills Gains

    • Metacognition
    • Executive Functions
    • Interpersonal Skills


Our Program

  1. We recruit and background check experienced tutors.
  2. The tutors participate in an onboarding meeting, a “Teaching Metacognition, Executive Functions, and Interpersonal Skills” roundtable, and a “Culturally Responsive and Trauma-Informed Teaching” course.
  3. Low-income students of color in grades 6-12 are nominated by anyone (family member, teacher, coach, neighbor, etc.) – they can even nominate themselves!
  4. Accepted students complete grade-level appropriate tests to asses their levels of mastery in Math and ELAR. They also complete a survey to determine their present capacity for soft skills. Their parents/guardians complete a survey to detail their child’s current levels.
  5. Each accepted student is paired with one tutor for the upcoming term (Fall Term is October – January, Spring Term is February – May, and Summer Term is June – September).
  6. The tutors schedule each student for 18 hours of online tutoring over the 4-month term. Educate. Radiate. Elevate. is using specific proven-effective methodologies developed by the Founder of WorldWise Tutoring.
  7. Throughout the course of the program, the tutors will regularly provide feedback to the parents/guardians regarding the students’ progress.
  8. Upon completion of the program, the students and their parents/guardians complete exit assessments and surveys. Students with good attendance are invited to continue tutoring for subsequent terms until they graduate high school.

Who We Serve

Educate. Radiate. Elevate. is committed to equitable access to high-quality instruction for youth. We are dedicated to moving beyond race and economic status to close achievement gaps.

Our program supports grade 6 – 12 students from families that identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and who are experiencing significant economic hardship. Students can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else (i.e. family member, teacher, coach, etc.)

Student Requirements for Acceptance into E.R.E.'s Tutoring Program:

Program Requirements

Our Budget

Providing a student with a full term of tutoring costs approximately $1,000. These funds are used to cover the cost of operations, tutoring materials, and the tutor’s pay. Our tutors are paid at competitive professional hourly rates.

100% of our project and operating budget comes from generous donors like you!

Our Results

Successes So Far!

Our students have experienced incredible growth with just 4 months of our tutoring program.

Why is Tutoring so Effective?

Experienced reduction in:

Experienced improvements in:

Solutions for Bullying


Success Stories

Learn more about how tutoring is an effective means of intervention for at-risk students by visiting our Research and Resources page

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